Mechanic of a used carHave you moved?  Changed car brands?  Had a bad experience with your mechanic or from a used car dealerships mechanic in Idaho Falls?  Or are you simply just looking for something new?  If so, there are some important factors to look at when searching for your next car mechanic.  Below are some tips that will help you find your next mechanic and will increase your odds of happiness with them.

Based on recent surveys, car consumers are happier with an independent mechanic than going to a car dealership.  Please note that if you are still under warranty, you will need to go to the local car dealership to have your car fixed in order for your warranty to cover the costs.

Find a shop that does repairs for the brand of car that you have

There are some car repair shops that focus on specific brands of cars to work on, most specifically at Idaho Falls Car Dealerships.  When you find these shops, you increase your odds of them being able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem quickly.  Not only are they the most likely to have the latest training and equipment, but they will probably have all parts in stock and you won’t need to wait days or weeks for your parts to come in.

Ask your family and friends

Sometimes that best referrals come from the ones that you love.  They don’t want to steer you the wrong way, so they will make sure they give you their best recommendation.  Although you can read reviews online all day about a certain company, I usually take the weight of my friends and family’s recommendations the highest.  Some review sites that might be helpful are, consumer reports and the mechanic files on

Check the Better Business Bureau

Another place to check online is the Better Business Bureau.  Although auto repair shops are ranked 12th in the most common complaints, you’ll still be able to find the BBB ranking for auto repair shops in your area.

Check for certifications of the shops

You car mechanic should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE.

Ask about Warranties

Find out what types of warranties the auto repair shops gives you for the work that they might do on your used car.  There are a lot of variations to the warranties out there, so make sure you ask specifically about the work you are having done, and make sure to keep a record/receipt of the work performed.

Convenience is Key

Find a shop near you, or close by your daily route.  Many times customers have to drop their used car off in Idaho Falls and wait while the repair work is done.  See if you can find auto repair shops that are close by your work or shops, so you can easily walk to those places while your car is being repaired.